Recruiter Spam Privacy Policy

Data Collected How it is shared
Your Name Not Shared
Your Email Address Not Shared
Recruiter Emails You Forward Us Aggregate data is shared. We aggregate data based on the sender (not you, but the recruiter that sent you the email) and body of the email. The body of the email you forward may be shared in aggregate, but will never be shared verbatim. We do this in order to share statistics, but keep Recruiter Spam users anonymous.

Here is a screen shot of a particular recruiter's page. You can see that the number of unique recipients is displayed, but no personal information about the recipients is available.

When will we contact you?

We will never contact you unless you request your password to be reset, or there is some sort of catastrophe.

Privacy Policy Changes

If we need to make changes to this policy, the changes will be posted for 30 days before the change is made to the website.